Hi Stan,

How are you? Just checking in. Have you used your Kabobmaster and how do you like it?


Yes, I have used the machine and it was fantastic.  As Summer approaches, I anticipate getting more use from the machine this year.  Have you engineered any add on components?  If you do in the future, I would be interested to see your products.

Thanks for touching base.


Hi Nick,
Happy New Year To You, And to let you know, we love the kabobmaster, we use it all the time.My Husband and I were saying now that we have the master we could never get along without it. Thank you for such a great product, your a genius thanks again.

Hi Art,
How has the KabobMaster been working for you?

Hi Nick
Sorry to take so long in getting back to you, but I was out of town. I have used the Kabobmaster several times (mostly during the summer) and it works great.

Hey Nick, my father did receive his Kabobmaster grill on Wednesday as promised.  He was very delighted with the product and can’s wait to use it for the first time.  Thank you very much for your quick response and prompt shipment.  I will make sure to spread the word about your products among our community.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I think I bought the first one from you but got it shipped to our house in Lenior, NC and my wife brought it with her to Saudi Arabia. I bought the second one because I really like the one I got and wanted to have another one in our family retreat house.

Hello Nick,
I am pleased to get email from you. I am doing good, I hope same is for you. I am very happy with kabobmaster, never failed my expectations. I am using it approximately 12 times a year. Keeping it inside of my garage, to avoid unnecessary moisture . Unfortunately I did not buy the grill yet. I moved to a new and bigger house and expenses raised too. But some day I will get the grill also, but can’t estimate the time. Still I have unfinished construction in my new house. I did not take any pictures because the grill I am using it with is too small. Please keep me posted with emails with your products. Every relative and friend of mine saw the product and loved it. For couple of them I gave the www.kabobmaster.com address, but later forget to ask if they get it. By the time I see then again I forget what we did before.

Have a great day Nick. Thank you for inventing this useful product.

The unit worked Great and was a Big Hit…. as promised I took a few pics of Pichana’s cooking over the open flame.

My family and I LOVE the Kabobmaster.  It’s a well thought out product built w/ Quality.  This thing should last me a long time.

We’ve used it about 15 times.  I can prepare the food ahead of time and the kids can skewer and cook food so it’s ready when we get home from work.

My biggest challenge is where to use it.  I’ve used it over both my gas and charcoal grills and had good results in both.  We’ve cooked chicken, steak, sausage, shrimp, filet mignon, Greek style souvlaki, potatoes, etc.  My preference is charcoal since it tastes so much better.  I’m not happy w/ the way is works with my current charcoal grill (not your products fault) and I’m looking for another option.  What I need is your 30″ Charcoal Grill.  Any other options?  Other feedback would be a carrying case for the skewers.  I’ll try to take some pictures next time we use it.

Thanks again for making a great product!!