Product Returns

Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. The standard warranty term for all KabobMaster Rotisserie products is one year on parts and labor.

  2. The warranty term is based on the invoice date of the original purchase by the end-user.  Original purchase is defined as the date the product is purchased directly KabobMaster BBQ Grills, LLC or one of their authorized resellers.

  3. Warranty will be voided if the original serial number on the product is removed, altered or missing.

  4. Warranty only applies to defects in materials and/or workmanship, which occur during normal use. If the product is damaged due to misuse, abuse, negligence or modification by any party other than KabobMaster BBQ Grills, LLC, then the product is not covered by the warranty.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)Procedures

In order to process the repair or replacement of your KabobMaster Rotisserie efficiently, you need to get an RMA number from us before you return your product. The following is the RMA procedures:

  1. Before returning the product to us for service, you need to contact us to report the problem. You can call us at 1-800-309-3458 or fill out the form on Contact Us webpage to report the problem.
    Please provide us with the following information:
    a. Product model number
    b. Serial number
    c. Defect symptom
    d. Your full name and address
    e. A copy of the purchase invoice, if it is available, to the following email address:
  2. Obtain an RMA number from us. After receiving your request for service, we will issue you an RMA number and return instructions via email within 2 business days.
  3. Send your product to us with the RMA number.
  4. If the defective part is covered by the warranty, we will repair or replace the part, and then return the product to you. You will receive a tracking number by email when your product is shipped. If the defective part is not covered by the warranty, we will contact you for the repair charge before repairing the product.