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KabobMaster BBQ Rotisserie grill

The KabobMaster Automatic Rotisserie is a professional grade rotisserie grill, assembled entirely on a frame-like portable device and made of light weight aluminum and stainless steel. It is designed to be placed over a square or rectangular charcoal or gas grill. Some KabobMaster Commercial models are also suitable for use in restaurants.
Nick Pailevanian formed Kabobmaster BBQ Grills in early 2007 as a manufacturing company to build a quality Powered Rotisserie Shish Kabob Grill with beautiful stainless steel skewers.

The creation of Kabobmaster BBQ Grills was the vision of Nick and his father Torkom. Both were inspired by their love of entertaining outdoors and cooking shish kabob on a natural charcoal grill.

Tired of standing over a hot grill to constantly turn the skewers by hand, they knew there had to be an easier way. In search of an “easier way”, they set out to build an “automatic” shish kabob rotisserie grill where the skewers would all turn automatically, simultaneously and cook food perfectly all around. They also wanted it to be easily adaptable to most open top grills. So with Torkom’s extensive mechanical engineering background and Nick’s vision and design, they built several prototypes, with each unit came an improvement in the overall design, ease of use and durability. After 12 prototypes and content with their final design, they patented their new design. Hence, they accomplished what they set out to do, andKabobMaster BBQ Grills was born.