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KabobMaster BBQ Grills LLC – Company Profile

Established is 2007, KabobMaster BBQ Grills, LLC is a manufacturing company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing a variety of automatic (self rotating) shish kabob rotisseries, called The “KabobMaster” Series. Our rotisseries are currently available in 6 sizes (lengths) ranging from 5 skewer machines (18″) up to 22 skewer machines (5 ft long).

Our rotisseries allow multiple skewers to rotate slowly and simultaneously to achieve consistent cooking results. KabobMaster also manufactures charcoal grills, stainless steel grills, stainless steel skewers, BBQ rotisserie motors and other accessories suitable for both commercial and residential cooking applications.

The creation of Kabobmaster BBQ Grills was the vision of Nick Pailevanian and his father Torkom. Both were inspired by their love of entertaining outdoors and cooking shish kabob on a natural charcoal grill.

Tired of standing over a hot grill to constantly turn the skewers by hand, and not being able to participate at the family dinner table with the rest of their guests because “someone always needed to keep turning the skewers so the food wouldn’t burn”, they knew there had to be an easier way. In search of an “easier way”, they set out to build the ultimate shish kabob grill. With Torkom’s extensive mechanical engineering background, they built several prototypes, with each unit came an improvement in the overall design, ease of use and durability. Content with their final design, Kabobmaster BBQ Grills was born.

The BBQ Grill industry needed a portable, inexpensive Powered Rotisserie Shish Kabob Grill that would turn skewers automatically, cook food evenly all around, minimize the flare ups commonly associated with cooking on a flame and of course, allow the host of a party to spend more time with the guests without sacrificing the quality of the food. Hence, they accomplished what they set out to do. Within a few months they retested to the highest standards for quality and durability ensuring life long use.

Today Nick and his father are still seeking to add enhancements to their existing grill to make what is already a great cooking experience for consumers, an even better one.